Portfolio / CV

iPhone Application

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.28.58 AM
Cosci news iPhone Application — 2012

Platform : WordPress, Xcode
Skill : Objective-C , Photoshop ,Wordpress
This application integrate information from an RSS feed from http://swucosci.tk/ WordPress website to the application.
which you can download it from here 


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.38.49 AM
IMerRobot.com (Internet Marketer Robot) — 2012


Platform : E-commerce and E-learning WordPress
Skill : Photoshop , WordPress , Paypal.
I am selling internet marketing software through out this website.
My main product is ThaiClassifyPoster 999Baht This software can help you build back link or spread information to 100 different classify ads sites.


Thailand Prevention Disaster Team  — 2012


Platform : WordPress , Squeezpage , MailChimp
Skill: WordPress , MailChimp , Squeeze page
My senior year We attend one of the contest from USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) and pass through the final round we decided to create this website to capture prospect email and keep all the project information.

I create this website using Optimize Press with Popup dominated plugin integrated with Mail Chimp.

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ชมรม พี่สอนน้อง — 2012


Platform : WordPress

Skill : WordPress , Optimize Press , Landing page

My intention for this blog is to create a community of sharing an idea or story through other people in our faculty.

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หิ้วของ.com — 2012


Platform : WordPress

Skill : WordPress , Woo-Commerce , Photoshop

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ThaiBignews.com — 2008


Platform : WordPress

Skill : WordPress , Photoshop , PHP

This is my first website when i first come to internet marketing since I was in high-school. Me and my friend build and maintain this website. In 2011 I programing the php script to get all the news update from Thairath.


USAID Student with solution 2012 (link)

– consolation prize

Cannon U Challenge season 2

– consolation prize


– Translator (Teacher Assistance) (link)
– IT Support (Teacher Assistance)
– SIFE Thailand Volunteer (link)
– Founder พี่สอนน้อง Club (link)


– Path way to become an Author Seminar (link)
– Kra Plian Plang Seminar  (link)
– Young Webmaster Camp #7  (link)
– Aiesec Spark Conference 2012 (link)

Internet marketing Seminar

– Amazon SEO Top Secrets (Makemany.com/category/services/seminar-training)
– CPA Lead Marketing (Thaisem.com/cpa-lead-marketing.html)
– AOM .us with Amazon Affiliate (redtor.com)
– Google Image Optimization (Thailfe.com)
– SEO and Video Marketing (Happynetmarketing.com)

Technical Skill

Programming : HTML/XHTML (Advanced), PHP (Advanced) , MySQL (Basic) , CSS (Basic) , Objective-c (Basic) , ActionScript 2.0 (Advance)

Operation Systems : Window ( 8,7,Vista,XP ,Server 2000/2003 ) Macintosh , Linux (Ubuntu)

Software : Adobe Dreamweaver , Photoshop ,and Flash.

Web Analytics : SEOMoz , Google Analytics,  Facebook Analytics

Email marketing : Aweber , MailChimp

CMS,Blog and Web 2.0 : WordPress(.com/.org), Joomla , Hootsuite

Keyword Research : Wordtracker , Google adwords keywords tools

Competition Research :  Compete.com , Opensiteexplorer.org

Internet advertising : Google Adwords , Facebook Ads

Marketing Skills

SEO/SEM : Link Building , Content optimization , Rank Tracking , Keyword Analysis

PPC : Keyword Research (KEI), Quality Score, CTR.