Property in LLC


Each LLC need

separate bank account

separate operation agreement

then you can pay your self

and those asset need to be use for sustain that individual LLC.


10 Step You need to setup your LLC

1 Agreement (Service,Contacts)

2 Tax License

3 Business License

4 Other License

I don’t need any licenses because I’m running affiliate marketing company.

5 Form  2553 (S Corp) I believe that i already have this.

6 Insurance ** I still donot know what insurance that i need. because everything is online.

7 Initial Resolution  **How you will operate your business

8 EIN (Already have and i applied it online at BOA)

9 Operating Agreement : internal document where the owner decide to be operated. How member are going to get paid. What happen if it will be disagreement? *** Every LLC need

10 Article of organization ** This is when we have it from the Secretary of States.


LLC and single Member LLC

Hello there,

Take about half of the income 50% as a salary

30% of the income save in the S-Corp for an expenses.

20% of the income save in the S-Corp for company TAX.


You going to have a payroll for your salary.

You need to have enough money in your corp for any other expense and growth.