What’s continue[6]

What’s continue [5]

Suddenly the golden sword shining up with golden light , the light burn a Pechsuk Monster eyes. Arg ! Arg !

Pechsuk Monster was very angry and said “I will kill ya !” Pechsuk Monster waving her axe to hit Frank face but can’t see any thing pechsuk monster waving axe around her and roar. Frank was frighten with the sword and have many question in his head, “why i were here and where i am ?” Frank saw a little man Swoon behind the tree, “may be he know something that happen to me” Frank think. Pechsuk Monster roar again and say “ARGG ARGG” Pechsuk monster fall down and dead blood spread from Pechsuk Monster eyes it was Acid.

What’s Continue [4]

What’s Continue [3]

ZOOM ! ZOOM ! ZOOM ! He felt down into magic world all around him was very dark their were fog all around him. He felt high like a kite. “Where im Where is it …   Oh my God” he said he waving his  right hand around to pick his backpack “oh i felt something” an then he pick it up his backpack converts to Golden Sword. he hear some little voice all around him softly “help help help . . . .help me….”  suddenly The fog was disapear and VERY BIG PECHSUK Monster Jump in front of him It has a One Big Black evil eyes with dirty round face a very ugly mouse Pechsuk monster waring only dirty shirt and  Very FAT in right hand hold Big AXE and left hand holding Dog Chit.

What’s continue? [2]

What’s continues?“>

On Friday Morning .Ring Ring Ring Clock rang and put him up it was 8 o’clock in the morning. he look at the clock “Oh Shit !!” he shout.The Plane was fight at half past eight he have to go right now. Suddenly he put his jacket on and pick his backpack. he ran out of his house CRASH ! he bumped and fall over everything scattered . he try to stand and see a little girl holding magic wand in front of him..